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Ten Ways to Simplify your Field Service Management

Companies depend on IT to ensure their processes run smoothly, but field service technologies can be confusing for those looking at which solution is the best investment. Gartner reports that by 2018, 75% of organizations will own at least one field service solution and while there are plenty of options to choose from, how can you be sure you can get the maximum potential benefits from your investment?

FieldAware leads the way in simplifying field service management and here we look at why simple can also mean effective when it comes to technology.

Real-Time Visibility

Managers need to know what is happening in their business and good, real-time visibility is key. A manager needs to easily access the information that is important to them; simply, accurately and instantly. Ideally access to job status, customer information, location information, asset information and notifications should all be in one place. 


Field service solutions need to be easy to use to make jobs easier, faster and better.  When the solution is easy to use, adoption is quicker. Overly complex solutions can make the adoption process long and expensive, which defeats the objective of using it – if it gets used at all.  

Made for Mobility

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere so they are tools that should be taken advantage of.  Made-for-mobile field service apps can be downloaded, used instantly and don’t require new hardware. Field service solutions that are designed specifically for the mobile environment and have the ability for mobile workers to use the app offline (when a network signal is not available), ensures that there is no loss of data while out in the field.


Field service is ever-changing and evolving, so it’s important that field service solutions have the flexibility to meet the demands of a business now – and in the future.  A solution needs to be built on a flexible platform so new features and customization can be added with the minimum of disruption and cost.


Ease of integration is a key part of any solution, as there will have been investment in existing systems, so starting from scratch is not an option. Extending the life of these systems is important, so a field service solution which is compatible and integrates easily with any of the other systems the business has, will help to extend their use and make for an easier implementation.


Every field service operation is unique, so it’s important that field service solutions are easily customized to meet the individual business needs. Customization enables companies to give users access to the information they need to successfully perform their tasks. 

Business Intelligence

Identifying business trends is critical to growing revenue, retaining customers and increasing the productivity of field workers.  It’s important as a means of discovering problems before they can impact the business. Reporting is an essential component of any field service solution and being able to access the relevant information easily and quickly is fundamental. 

The Cloud

Cloud-based solutions provide a number of benefits and they can be implemented quickly and easily. The cost is predictable, there is reduced capital spending on technology hardware and the associated maintenance costs. Importantly data is automatically backed up by the service provider so storage is not a worry and pushing data into the cloud makes it easier to share.

Implementation and Training

Migrating existing data and processes to the new solution is critical in the implementation process.  It’s essential that no data is lost and the processes that are fundamental to the business are retained.  To ensure adoption and full use of the solution, access to training for staff, in a variety of forms, is vital. 

On-going Support

On-going support is an important factor in choosing any field service solution.  If a problem should arise, the response and resolution must be fast. Additionally, an online knowledge base should be available for answers to non-critical issues and ongoing training provided to ensure maximum benefit is being achieved from the investment.

For the best results, you need a field service managment solution that meets your specific business needs. FieldAware helps field service companies simplify this decision-making and is provided via technology you already have: smartphones and the internet.

To get a quick snapshot about FieldAware and what we offer, take a look at our video library, featuring our overview video.