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The Eight Advantages of ‘Best-of-Breed’ Applications: Part One

The Eight Advantages of ‘Best-of-Breed’ Applications: Part One

Until recently, field service organizations seeking to take advantage of a mobile environment often found they had to choose between an on-premise enterprise software solution and a ‘best-of-breed’, specialized field service solution.   The on-premise solution delivered numerous and all-encompassing capabilities but was expensive and lengthy to implement. A best of breed solution provided unique features, flexibility and cost advantages but wasn’t easy to integrate into existing systems.

The choice was therefore often difficult as the advantages - and disadvantages - of each were fairly even. Two innovations however, have shifted this balance - and the benefits - to the side of the best-of-breed application:

  • The Cloud which allows companies to implement applications in weeks - not years
  • The ‘API Economy’ (Application Programming Interface) that enables best-of-breed, cloud-based applications to integrate with legacy applications - and other cloud-based applications - quickly and easily. 

The flexibility and speed of the cloud, along with the APIs have in fact, virtually eliminated the main advantage of the enterprise solution suite - integration of all components into a central data store. 

APIs can be delivered by the application provider or through third-party services and enable companies to implement a modular approach for their field service solutions.  They can choose the best field service application, then integrate the data across their organization with APIs.  As a result, field service organizations can leverage all the benefits of a best-of-breed approach while seamlessly integrating data across the organization.

Here we look at the ways that field service organizations can benefit by choosing cloud-based, made-for-mobile, best-of-breed applications.


Cloud-based, best-of-breed solutions can be implemented in just weeks - not the months, or even years that are required for a complex, on-premise application solution.  Cloud-based applications can be implemented much faster because they:

  • Eliminate the need to purchase, or make changes to, existing data center server, storage, security and network infrastructure.
  • Impact the operations and processes of the field service organization only.
  • Reduce data back-up and recovery requirements (delivered as part of the service by the cloud-based field service automation provider).
  • Require a smaller, more finite set of data for import into the new system.
  • Use subscription-based pricing (pay-as-you-go) that enables a phased approach (installation by group or geography)


Cloud-based, best-of-breed field service automation solutions are focused on one thing - delivering the features and functions that field service organizations need to be more productive and profitable.  Additionally, these solutions are flexible and can be adapted to incorporate a company’s existing processes and procedures. 

A cloud-based, best-of-breed solution:

  • Is designed specifically for field service organizations
  • Includes features and functions that are unique to field service organizations - like mobile work order management, field-based quote and estimate creation, customer asset management and field-based inventory management.
  • Continues to add new features and functions - without requiring customers to purchase software upgrades or invest in expensive software maintenance contracts.
  • Offers flexible features like custom fields and a standards-based API that allows the application to adapt to almost any existing process or procedure - and readapt itself as processes and procedures are altered in the future.


The companies, and people, that deliver cloud-based, best-of-breed applications have extensive experience in and with the field service industry.  They’ve implemented solutions for hundreds of organizations and helped thousands of end-users to become more productive - and the company more profitable.  As a result, companies that provide best-of-breed applications are often able to help their customers uncover additional ways to leverage mobility within their organization or manage customer information more effectively.

Cloud-based, best-of-breed solutions enable customers to:

  • Leverage the knowledge and experience of the provider to improve their organization’s productivity and profitability.
  • Discover new ways to manage work orders, satisfy customers, improve processes, increase efficiency - and mobilize their workforce.


Cloud-based, best-of-breed applications enable companies to implement the capabilities they need - when they need them.  They can be ‘plugged-in’ as they are needed, which enables companies to meet the needs of their customers more rapidly and expand into new geographies more aggressively.

Best-of-breed applications:

  • Can be implemented quickly, enabling companies to adapt to shifts in markets or customer preferences.
  • Are, using today’s API technologies, ‘plug-and-play’, allowing companies to address the needs of specific groups, organizations or even specific individuals, quickly and cost-effectively.

In Part Two of The Eight Advantages of Best of Breed Applications we look at the following ways that organizations can benefit by choosing cloud-based, made-for-mobile, best-of-breed applications:


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