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The Eight Advantages of ‘Best-of-Breed’ Applications: Part Two

The Eight Advantages of ‘Best-of-Breed’ Applications: Part Two

In Part One of our blog on the Eight Advantages of Best of Breed Applications we saw how the cloud and the API Economy have both brought great benefits to implementing a best of breed field service solution over an on-premise enterprise application.

We looked at the following advantages delivered by choosing cloud-based, made-for-mobile, best-of-breed applications:


Here in Part Two we look at the following advantages of best of breed applications.


The modular implementation approach utilized by cloud-based, best-of-breed application providers offers companies a valuable way to improve business operations without incurring significant risk.  Because implementations effect only a portion of an organization, if a problem should occur, the large majority of business transactions remain unaffected. 

Cloud-based, best-of-breed solutions:

  • Are modular.Therefore, should an existing solution fail to meet business requirements, it can be replaced by a similar module, and supplier without significant impact to the business.
  • Use APIs to integrate with other applications.Should a problem occur, only users of that application module are affected.This reduces the impact of what in the past, were server, storage, network, or software outages.


Application reliability and availability are critical components in any business software solution.  Cloud-based, best-of-breed applications address these needs using advanced, geographically dispersed hosting solutions (like AWS - Amazon Web Services) and state-of-the-art cloud architectures designed to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions quickly and efficiently.

However, for company managers, best-of-breed applications offer an additional system reliability benefit - a reduction in application maintenance windows.  Because best-of-breed solutions impact only specific organizations, maintenance (if required) requirements impact only specific users - not every organization and every process in the company.  As a result, maintenance windows are reduced and application reliability and availability increased.

Best-of-breed solutions:

  • Incorporate the latest in web design technologies which enables them to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions quickly, efficiently and reliably.
  • Use the latest in web hosting services (AWS) with geographically dispersed instances to ensure high availability and fast, responsive application performance.
  • Enable companies to perform application maintenance (if required) in shorter time periods that effect fewer users.This helps them improve overall application availability and reliability.


Taking advantage of a new market or business opportunity often requires companies to move quickly - incorporating new suppliers, adapting processes to meet new business requirements and reshaping how affected organizations address the needs of their customers.  Companies that rely on cloud-based, best-of-breed applications are best prepared for market change.

Best-of-breed applications enable companies to implement new services or capabilities quickly.  Leveraging applications designed specifically for the new market or business opportunity, they can capture market share faster.  The best-of-breed approach also allows them to implement more efficient processes - based on new application features and functions - that provide competitive advantage. 

Cloud-based, best-of-breed applications:

  • Enable companies to be first movers in entering new markets.Their modular design and open APIs allow companies to add new capabilities for specific groups or organizations that need them - without impacting the business.
  • Help companies gain competitive advantage through new features in the application(s) or enhanced processes supported by the application.


Every field service organization is striving to increase the productivity of their staff.  One of the most common ways to increase productivity is through improved processes.  Cloud-based, best-of-breed applications allow companies to improve business processes - one organization at a time.  As a result, processes can be adapted and adopted more quickly and with less risk to the organization. 

Cloud-based, best-of-breed solutions:

  • Allow companies to take advantage of process improvements to increase productivity and profitability.
  • Reduce the risk of changes in processes by limiting their impact to specific groups or functions within the organization.

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