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The Future of Field Service in 2018

The Future of Field Service in 2018

The Future of Field Service in 2018

There is a vast amount of both transformation and innovation taking place in field service. Is that exciting and invigorating? Yes. Is it also incredibly overwhelming for many organizations? Yes. Take a deep breath. We're giving you an exclusive look at the Field Technologies Online special issue - The Future of Field Service in 2018. This issue is intended to accomplish a few goals:

  • Provide you with an overview of some key analysts' predictions and insights
  • Show you how your field service initiatives, challenges, and technology use stack up amongst your peers
  • Give you some practical advice and modernize your field service organization in 2018

The insight share in this issue is a combination of interviews with some of the best field service analysts, the results of a survey of the Field Technologies Online readership on their strategic initiatives and technology use (with 219 participants), and anecdotal insight from some leading field service organizations on how they are approaching field service modernization themselves.

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