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Thoughts on Evaluating a Field Service Automation Solution: On-Going Support

This is our 10th and final post in the “Thoughts on Evaluating a Field Service Automation Solution” white paper series. You can download the complete white paper here.

Outstanding customer support is the final and yet perhaps the most important factor in choosing a Field Service Automation Solution. If a problem should arise, customer support must respond quickly. Additionally, an online knowledge base should be available for answers to non-critical issues or to determine if a mobile device is com­patible with the chosen solution.

Find a solution whose support capabilities include:

  • Highly trained, experienced technical support resources
  • Extensive, online knowledge base
  • Comprehensive catalog of technical and user information including: informa­tion on new releases, helpful videos and product documentation

Choosing the “right” Field Service Automation Solution is an important step in in­creasing the productivity of your staff, growing revenues, improving customer sat­isfaction and retaining skilled employees.

We hope you have found our “10 Thoughts” a useful guide as you discover the benefits a Field Service Automation Solution can bring to your company. Download the full white paper here.