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Thoughts on Evaluating a Field Service Automation Solution: Intelligence

This is our 8th post in the “Thoughts on Evaluating a Field Service Automation Solution” white paper series. You can download the complete white paper here.

Identifying business trends is critical to growing revenue, retaining customers and in­creasing the productivity of field personnel. It’s also important as a means of discov­ering problems before they can significantly affect profitability. Reports are, there­fore, an essential component of any Field Service Automation Solution. When reviewing a field service solution, there are many important factors to consider.

Look for Field Service Automation solutions whose reporting capabilities include:

  • A wide variety of built-in reports that cover every facet of your field service op­eration – customers, revenue, work orders, items, assets, inventory, etc.
  • A large range of filters (customer, asset, work order, etc.) that can be applied to built-in reports – this enables users to customize standard reports and obtain the specific information they need, in useful and usable format.
  • Data export to Excel and other standard file formats (i.e. CSV- Comma Separated Values).

When evaluating a field service automation software it is essential to choose one that will provide you with the data you need to effectively run your business. Choose a solution that includes a customizable company dashboard and state-of-the-art scheduler to provide managers and executives with the information they need.

Next post: On-Boarding, Implementation & Training. Or, download the full white paper here.