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Thoughts on Evaluating a Field Service Automation Solution (Thought #4)

Our march through the white paper “10 Thoughts on Evaluating a Field Service Automation Solution” continues. This post focuses on compatibility. Meanwhile, you can still  download the complete white paper here.

Thought #4: Compatibility

A number of Field Service Automation Solutions tout their ability to integrate with existing Accounting and other back office systems. The reality however, is that many of them only offer “connectors” or “mappers” – not a true API (Application Programming Interface).

As a result, importing and exporting data from the Field Service Automation System often entails hours of manual labor and in some cases, missing or error-laden data.

We recommend solutions that include:

  • A true API built on accepted standards for web API’s, i.e. the so-called ReST-full architecture
  • API’s that expose application entities through URL endpoints and enable generic operations across all exposed entities

APIs enable companies to use “best of breed” applications that leverage the “API economy” to:

  • Select the best application for every need, every user and every business case
  • Improve business processes and application functionality – fast
  • Purchase the products and services they need, when they need them using subscription based pricing (instead of software licenses and maintenance contracts)
  • Seamlessly integrate with legacy systems and software

For more information about FieldAware's API, please visit our API page.

For more information about APIs in general, check out this article on Computerworld.