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Thoughts on Evaluating a Field Service Automation Solution: Usability

This is Part 5 of a ten-part series based on our white paper “10 Thoughts on Evaluating a Field Service Automation Solution.”  You can download the complete white paper here.

To reach their full potential, Field Service Automation Solutions must be perceived by users as a tool that makes doing their job easier, faster and better. When that tool is easy to use, adoption is rapid and in many cases, can be used as a job benefit that helps retain staff and improve employee morale.

However, poorly designed or overly complex solutions can make the adoption process long, arduous and expensive. And instead of making the job easier, complex systems can serve as a point of frustration and discontent.

We recommend Field Service Automation Solutions that are:

  • Intuitive –It shouldn’t take hours to learn how to operate the system (especially the mobile apps!)
  • Enable users to get the information they need with just one or two “clicks”, from anywhere – For example to assign and dispatch a work order should be one process (click or drag-and-drop) – not two!

Choose a solution that’s easy to use and it will be easy to get users to adopt it. (And your company will realize the benefits of Field Service Automation even faster!)

Image Copyright: wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo