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Why Field Service Organizations Should Be Using Field Tech Tracking Software

Time tracking is a business practice that can receive mixed reviews from both employers and employees alike. While the importance and effectiveness of time tracking will vary depending on the industry, the field service industry is one where time tracking is a necessity that can lead to serious operational improvements throughout your organization. Below we have highlighted the different ways in which your organization can benefit from time tracking and reporting software, as well as key features that you might look for when choosing your field service time tracking software

Time Tracking Software Provides Vital Insights 

The single most important reason to implement time tracking in your field service organization is for the reporting insights that can be gained and utilized for organizational planning. Time tracking provides vital insights that your field service company can use to optimize future operations and develop a metric-based plan for the growth of your business.

FieldAware time tracking software offers more than just time tracking capabilities; management will be able to measure a variety of KPIs through FieldAware’s field service report software that comes equipped with 12 standard reports as well as a custom report builder. The insights gleaned from FieldAware’s field tech tracking and reporting software will allow you to minimize wasted time and increase profitability. 

How Time Tracking Impacts Scheduling and Dispatch

The scheduling process is where time tracking software provides the greatest value in most field service organizations. Time tracking offers management a more accurate representation of how long field technician projects and functions actually take, and schedulers can use this information to produce more efficient schedules using FieldAware’s scheduling software

Time Tracking Doesn’t Have to Burden Your Field Technicians

For those who believe in focusing field technicians on core functions as much as possible, time tracking can feel like an unnecessary distraction from the task at hand. However, when using the right time tracking software, time tracking can be handled quickly and easily, resulting in minimal disruption to field service operations. 

FieldAware’s mobile app partially automates the time tracking process with its Timekeeper feature and reduces time tracking efforts to just a couple of clicks. The Timekeeper capabilities in FieldAware’s mobile app make it one of the best mobile time tracking apps available, offering the ideal solution for management and field technicians alike.

Field Technician Time Tracking Software 

Not all time tracking software will offer the same capabilities, and choosing the ideal field tech tracking software ensures that your organization will see the greatest degree of benefits. FieldAware is the best mobile time tracking app and software on the market, offering seamless time tracking and project management capabilities. To learn more about FieldAware’s time tracking software, schedule a free demo today.