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Field Service Management Solutions for Optimized Field Service Operations

In the ever-evolving field service industry, it has never been more important to seek continual improvement in service delivery, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The technology available in our modern economy has led customers to expect faster service, greater project visibility, and immediate customer support.

Luckily, field service businesses have access to the technology required to rise to the challenge. The integration of new technologies such as field service software in daily workflows has optimized operations to a level unmatched only a decade ago. Leveraging the capabilities of field service software in your daily operations is, in many cases, the most effective way to improve field service results. We’ve highlighted three of the best ways that you can utilize field service software to improve field service results below. 

Increase First Visit Success Rates 

Increasing the first visit success rate in your field service operations is a highly effective way to improve field service operations. Customer satisfaction hinges on a job well done, and maintaining a high rate of first visit success can instill confidence in you on behalf of your customers while also increasing the overall profitability of your operations. Having to send technicians to the same job multiple times can be costly, and reducing second service visits will ultimately increase technician productivity and project profitability. 

The best way to increase first visit success rates is to equip your field technicians with greater access to project information. For this, we recommend FieldAware field service management software. FieldAware’s software serves as a centralized platform for project data and information, offering your field technicians access to everything they’ll need to succeed in their role. They’ll be able to access schematics, past project information, project photos, and more at the touch of a button through the FIeldAware mobile app

For organizations already utilizing other software such as NetsuiteQuickbooks, or Salesforce, FieldAware is equipped with extensions to allow for the seamless integration of project data throughout all of your field service management solutions. FieldAware software is cloud-based and features offline capabilities to ensure that no matter the circumstances, your field technicians are equipped with the information they need to succeed. 

Decrease Project Response Times With Field Service Software

Decreasing project response times is another excellent way to improve field service results. Field service is often time-sensitive and any delays can lead to equipment downtime and lost productivity. Minimize downtime by optimizing the scheduling and dispatch process and by decreasing reporting requirements for field service technicians. 

The best way to optimize field service schedules is through FieldAware’s Smart Scheduler. The Smart Scheduler takes into account location, technician’s skills, drive time, and more to produce the optimal schedule instantly. 

FieldAware field service software also helps replace inefficient time tracking processes with our Timekeeper feature. This feature eliminates several manual steps in the time tracking process, reducing time spent on peripheral functions and allowing your technicians to accomplish more each day, expediting their schedule and reducing project response times. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction Through a Field Service Portal 

In addition to faster service, customers also expect greater and greater access to project information and customer support. The ideal solution can be found through our field service customer portal. Utilizing a field service customer portal will allow your customers to view past project details, request work, and access customer service as needed, all through their own custom login. Offering this level of visibility and efficiency for your customers can significantly improve the overall customer experience while also reducing customer service requirements in your daily operations. 

These are only three of many ways that you can improve field service results through a field service management solution like FieldAware. To learn more about how FieldAware can provide value throughout your project lifecycle, schedule a free demo today.