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Using Mobile Apps in the Field

Using Mobile Apps in the Field

The face of field service has changed.  Technicians are the priority, and they need the tools and access to the information that will transform them from corporate overhead to revenue and profit generating brand proponents. 

Ultimately, having an effective mobility strategy in place allows for better empowerment, data sharing and collaboration out in the field. For a field worker the right mobile solution means they are empowered to do their job in the best possible way. Critical information can be accessed and shared in real time both in the field and the office, and the enhanced knowledge and collaboration this brings enables better decision-making and ultimately improved resolution.

Mobile apps must have capabilities which take the technicians’ role into account, without forgetting the back office. Cloud-based web applications deliver advanced capabilities and must be easy to use and easy to integrate with existing ERP, CRM and accounting systems.

Once implemented, the two-way flow of information means that many tasks can be automated from the field as soon as jobs are completed. The result of the right mobility solution is extending the work of the back office out into the field in a robust and reliable way, connecting the operational workflow and ultimately ensuring service objectives are met.

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