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Rising Expectations Webinar

New Webinar Shows Where Field Service Industry is Headed Post-Pandemic

FieldAware has partnered with communication platform Localz to present a new – and free – webinar that presents the most accurate snapshot of the field service industry today, and what it will look like in the future.

“Rising Expectations; Accelerating Field Service Maturity and Driving the ‘New Normal’ for Customer Experience” is an hour-long webinar that uses new research survey data to examine what field service clients want in the “new normal” of Covid-19 and how field service operators can serve those needs in the years to come.

The survey was conducted during the first wave of lockdowns across the U.S. The responses, therefore, reflect what are likely growing trends in the industry, due to the prevalence of the pandemic in everyday lives. Kris Oldland, editor-in-chief of Field Service News, shows that nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of field service organizations now run their services operations as profit centers, up from 63 percent. “That leap is the largest we’ve ever seen,” he said. The finding suggests that industry-wide, companies have made the shift to relying more on field service than ever before.

“Driving this demand,” said Oldland, “ is largely customer demand, such as the demand for more accurate service call scheduling, and the need to improve productivity. We’re starting to see the shift from more traditional services toward the world of outcome-based services.”

Clearly, field service organizations are responding: more than half (51 percent) are developing metrics or KPIs to improve field service performance. Another strategic action trending upward is offering preventative maintenance. Operators are also investing in mobile tools to support field techs and integrating new technology into existing field service operations.

‘What is really interesting to me is companies are investing in tools that are mature,” he said. “Over the last five months there’s been a rush to implement these tools and fortunately, they are there and robust.”

According to Localz Global head of Customer Service Emma Lampert, another webinar presenter, the customer experience is no longer nice to have — “the status quo is not good enough.”

Driving the race to digital transformation is primarily the customer demand for faster responses (52 percent), followed by the need to improve service process efficiencies and the customer demand for more accurate service call scheduling.

Advances in automation, analytics, virtual reality, and more are expected to play significant roles in what field service will look like in the coming years. Because the market is headed toward this digital transformation, companies that want to grow once the pandemic subsides — and sustain that growth — are expected to embrace digital tools that are designed to improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Click here to access a recording of the webinar to check out the data and hear for yourself where the field service industry is headed in 2021 and beyond.