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FieldAware Provides Better Field Operation Management for Wind Turbine Companies

FieldAware’s Field Service solutions reflect the innovation and ingenuity seen in the wind power industry. Wind turbine companies demand efficient, accurate, and flexible field service teams, and FieldAware matches this need with field service solutions designed to optimize your day-to-day operations. In addition, we equip your team for success with a field service automation platform built to handle the job from start to finish. Here is how FieldAware’s field service software can benefit your wind turbine company. 

What are the solutions that the FieldAware hub can provide to the wind turbine service industry?

Integrated mobile app

FieldAware’s integrated mobile app is made for technicians on the move and is meant to serve as a field service hub in your technician’s pockets. Designed to be easy to use while packed with features, our mobile app is an ideal field operation management platform. The app is native and offline enabled to ensure usability in any setting and eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork as your field employees have access to necessary documentation at their fingertips. 

The app serves as a pipeline through which data, work orders, and documentation can flow. It can be used to deliver directives to your field staff, upload job details, and even allows customers to sign off on a job well done. Additionally, the app is connected to the back office and finance systems, allowing invoicing to be initiated while in the field, resulting in faster payment and processing. 

Improved efficiency for dispatchers and technicians 

Our wind turbine service solutions streamline your day-to-day operations while centralizing data and communication. Your field service dispatch and wind turbine technicians will have a clear path of communication linked to project specs, work orders, photos, documentation, and more. By centralizing these project components and housing access to them under one roof, your team can increase efficiency and productivity. 

Technicians will be able to deploy from job to job without ever leaving the field, documenting their process along the way as their schedules are maintained and updated back at the office. Our field service solutions allow for real-time communication as both your office and wind turbine technicians work independently, resulting in an effective medium for communication and increased autonomy. 

FieldAware’s scheduling and dispatch capabilities fast-track the scheduling process. You can use our Smart Scheduler to automatically optimize your scheduling and dispatch process. Our Smart Scheduler takes into account the distance traveled, service areas, levels of expertise, and more to automatically generate the ideal schedule for your workforce. The Smart Scheduler is a great way to ensure productivity and efficiency when dispatching your field teams. 

Knowledge management that provides technicians with vital project information

Our wind turbine service solution produces real-time project information so that both the team at the office and in the field are equipped with the knowledge they need to get the job done right. Our field service hub allows both your office and field teams to view and input project information such as project specs, documents, photography, notes, and more, leaving all the vital project information you need in one place.

FieldAware can merge seamlessly with your ERP to present a unified inventory management process. FieldAware is the initiation source for usage and documentation, and can display availability and location, resulting in fast and simple ordering for your field staff. FieldAware’s ability to mesh with inventory management systems presents our users with a solution that can do it all.