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Work Order Management System

Work order management is one of the most integral components of field service efficiency. The right work order management system will help dispatchers assign tasks to available technicians quickly while also providing them with the information they need to get the job done.

In addition to providing field service technicians with essential information, a work order management system will provide task transparency and communication. To help you find the work order management system best suited to your field service needs, here is a closer look at all the ways that FieldAware’s work order management system can maximize your company’s work order productivity.

Centralized Project Information

FieldAware’s made-for-mobile work order management system puts all the information you need in one place. When dispatchers assign a job to a technician using the FieldAware hub, all the information that the technician needs to complete the task is automatically provided to them through the job summary on their mobile device.

This information includes the name of the client, items needed to complete a task, service history associated with a client, and much more. This level of transparency helps to reduce back-office communication by automatically updating task information in real time. Ensuring that technicians have all the information they need will also serve to maximize client satisfaction.

Accurate Job Tracking

The FieldAware work order management system makes task completion and job tracking much more straightforward. When a technician completes a job using the made-for-mobile hub, vital documentation such as task activities, client signatures, on-site photos, or billing information is automatically sent to the back office. Dispatchers will be able to track job completion through the FieldAware system in real time.

This means that new tasks can be assigned immediately through the mobile hub without tedious back-and-forth communication directly with the technician. With the FieldAware work order management system, dispatchers can instantly provide new and updated task information to field service workers.

Better Performance Analytics

The work order management system from FieldAware will provide you with the operational visibility you need to grow. Because the work order management system from FieldAware is entirely digital, it seamlessly integrates through an open API with existing ERP, CRM, and accounting systems. This means that you will have accurate performance data centralized onto one easy-to-use platform. Making performance analytics more accessible and visible will—ultimately—help your business grow.

Find the Work Order Management System That is Right for You

FieldAware offers the best work order management solution for field service operations. Our made-for-mobile hub is designed to provide your business with increased transparency, communication, and efficiency. For more information regarding our innovative field service solutions, contact one of our experts and find the work order management option best suited to your operational needs.