Boost Revenue

Imagine how your company’s revenue would increase if every field engineer or technician could perform just three additional calls every week. And what if field staff could generate quotes and work orders at customer locations. How much more would customers purchase?

With FieldAware, engineers and technicians spend more time on the job and less time in the office. That means more revenue without additional staff and an improved bottom line for your business. In fact, companies already using FieldAware have experienced an average 20% boost in revenue, and an additional 17% increase in profitability.

Using FieldAware field service organizations can:

  • Perform drag-and-drop job scheduling with real time visibility into the location, status and history of every job. FieldAware’s Scheduler even allows companies to assign jobs to employees and contractors and filter views by location, technician(s), crew(s), customer or job status.
  • Track parts on trucks, in the warehouse and at the depot. FieldAware also comes with alerts that notify managers of low stock levels and automates the ordering process. The result is fewer return trips to the customer due to missing parts – and more time for new work orders.
  • Use the customizable dashboard and a wide variety of built-in reports to understand the current status of their business, as well as utilize historical data to improve processes, develop effective marketing campaigns and identify problems before they effect profitability.

And with FieldAware, field service organizations have all customer information at their fingertips – location, contacts, job history, invoice, assets and more. Information that will help them improve their customers’ experience and encourage them to buy more.

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