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Accent Building Restoration, Inc.


Based in Salem, OR, Accent Building Restoration, Inc. provides an array of commercial services, from cosmetic construction and painting to waterproofing, fencing, siding and floor covering. With 125 technicians covering 18 states, ABR strives to be their customers’ one-stop shop.

Meeting that goal requires synchronization. “Our technicians carried a field work order book, they’d write in job numbers, a description of the work, and have it signed by the customer and faxed into our pricing department,” says James Fawcett, president and chief operating officer at ABR. “Once received, that information was entered in our accounting system.”

The handwritten system was efficient, but Fawcett thought it could be better. “All of our technicians have smartphones, so I frequently look for new technology to utilize in the field,” he says. “I thought there had to be a better way to utilize technology for the business. I started Googling and found FieldAware.”

Benefits Only FieldAware Can Deliver

FieldAware’s cloud-based field service automation system makes it easy to centralize a company’s information for anytime, anywhere access. With customizable features, tasks such as scheduling, dispatching and invoicing can be streamlined for optimal efficiency.

“The first thing I noticed was that it would integrate with our accounting system,” says Fawcett. With FieldAware’s accounting integration, ABR can seamlessly send invoices to QuickBooks within seconds of job completion. “Rather than the guys writing a description of the work they do, they can actually pick from the drop-down item list with descriptions and pricing. Now jobs are coming through with our accounting items listed, so our back office is saving time and invoicing is easier.”

The Scheduler feature in FieldAware also utilizes ABR’s pre-loaded information. “We have all of our branches and technicians visible. We get information from the customer about the work that is needed, put that into the job description and send it out, so the guys have it in real-time on their phone. It makes the tech’s job much easier, and from a managerial standpoint, it allows us to be on top of work a lot better.”

Fawcett says that FieldAware’s training helped get his technicians up to speed and made them even more productive. “They can do estimates on the spot in the mobile app. Rather than making numerous trips to the site, we can make one trip, give the estimate, get approval, and do the work.”

Because of the time technicians have been saving, Fawcett has been able to quantify the difference FieldAware has made. “The technicians should save at least an hour each day. Each trip to a property costs at least an hour’s worth of time. One man-hour is $60, so if 125 employees save just one hour a day, that’s $7500 saved a day. We’ve already realized a definite income savings and also have been able to give back a savings to our customers for our efficiency improvement.”

That only bodes well for the company’s future. “There’s no question that the more efficient we become, the more time we’ll have in a day to do a job,” says Fawcett. “We expect to increase by one job a day per every other tech, a considerable amount with 125 techs.”

Fawcett has also seen an improvement in customer service. “We were doing pretty good before, but I feel like this has taken us a step up and made us that much better and will continue to enable us to be the best of the best at what we do.”

James Fawcett, President and Chief Operating Officer