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Clearstone Solutions Ltd

About Clearstone Solutions Ltd 

A family run business, Clearstone Solutions has provided exceptional cleaning and facilities management services across the south of England for over 40 years. The company delivers consistent, high quality, specialized cleaning services at an affordable price to a high profile client group. Clearstone prides itself on communication and reliability to all clients.

Business Challenges

Like many service businesses, Clearstone was running its business with paper. The company continued to flourish and in time out-grew the old paper-based work process that involved many piles of paperwork on a daily basis. “We were finding that the process was too complex and inefficient,” says Shaun Adams, Director at Clearstone.

This previous business process involved numerous steps in order for Clearstone to complete jobs and to get invoices out to their customers. “It involved printing the tickets, getting the tickets signed, getting them back into the office and filled out correctly. And then the tickets had to be scanned to invoice customers. The process was very long and time-consuming.”

Why FieldAware

After looking at software options to help Clearstone make the leap into automation, Shaun decided that FieldAware, the cloud-based service management solution, had the features they needed.

“The quoting feature has really helped us improve. Previously I had to go back and forth between quotes. Now having all of the quotes in one place has been a massive plus for me. It also gives my staff visibility,” he says.

Since implementing the system Shaun reports, “FieldAware has made things a lot easier for us and less time-consuming.” The time it takes to invoice customers has improved dramatically, “Now invoicing is done in an instant at the click of a button which is great. It’s saved us a huge amount of time.”

Clearstone has become more efficient and Shaun is optimistic about what the future holds, “I have enjoyed using the system and getting to know it. I am very happy with FieldAware, I look forward to the future with it.”

Shaun Adams, Director