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Cross Refrigeration


The origins of the Cross Group date back to the mid 19th century when two members of the Cross family in Cork started a carriage hire and stables business in Cork city. Cross Refrigeration is a specialty refrigeration company with 55 technicians. The company has served the retail, medical, pharmaceutical, and hospitality industries for over 40 years.

Cross Refrigeration wanted to grow their business faster. However, their existing paper-based work order system was slowing them down. They realized that automation could eliminate the bottlenecks the paper was creating, and after evaluating several solutions, they chose FieldAware.

Benefits only FieldAware Can Deliver

They got up and running in 5 days, and have seen their overall revenue increase by 15%. They've also seen their average billing cycle go from over 2 weeks down to just 2 days.

"Our paper work orders are virtually gone, the office staff is happy, and the field techs are generating about 15% more business than last year in roughly the same amount of time. Our cash flow has also improved because we’re able to invoice for work immediately after jobs are complete. It’s a whole new business.”

Chris McFadden, Service Director