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Global Production Solutions


Global Production Solutions is an oil field services company, supplying artificial lift and water management products and services to companies for hydro-carbon productions. Based in Shawnee, Oklahoma, the company serves a wide variety of customers throughout the United States as well as worldwide.

With so many customers to serve, Gabriel Cochran, Automation Business Manager at Global Production Solutions, wanted to find to way to more efficiently track hours and products, and invoice customers. Historically Global Production Solutions relied on Excel documents, which Cochran reported caused many problems. Cochran indicated that using Excel meant people could make independent updates and manipulate the data. It was a productivity nightmare. “Every tech had their own numbering system, which caused confusion. We didn’t have a good system to track hours, products and create invoices.” With the FieldAware cloud-based field service management solution, the business has streamlined scheduling, increased productivity and increased their revenue.

Benefits Only FieldAware Can Deliver

Global Production Solutions saw many of the gains coming from using the FieldAware mobile app. It puts the jobs right in the hands of the technicians using a smartphone. The FieldAware mobile app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices and offers all the functionality of the FieldAware system from the convenience of the user’s smartphone. “It is a major benefit for my technicians to be able to use their phones to put in all the information,” Cochran says. “It makes it harder for them to mess up or do something wrong. It’s error-proof. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from technicians about the mobile app.

“I sent in a demo request through the website, and saw it the next day,” Cochran says. FieldAware custom-tailors a product demo to the prospective customer’s needs, to best demonstrate how the application can help with customer management, scheduling and dispatching, asset management and more. “I also looked into some other options, but FieldAware was far superior for our needs. The ability to customize — create jobs, enter customer information — is something that interested us because of our unique business.”

Since implementing the FieldAware system, Global Production Solutions has been able to drastically reduce the time between completing a job, billing the customer and receiving payment, which has increased their monthly revenue. “Before FieldAware it would take months to process invoices,” Cochran says. “Now it only takes a couple of days. I don’t have to wait on the techs to e-mail completed documents to me. They used to wait a week even to fill out forms, and they had lots of mistakes. Now we receive extremely accurate data since they are filling out the work orders and notes at the time of the job through the mobile app.” Cochran went further to outline the business impact FieldAware created stating, “Revenue from work hours has improved with FieldAware. We’ve increased our revenue by $100,000 a month using the system.”

“Productivity has increased, we are saving time with invoicing, and our billing is a lot more accurate,” says Gabe Cochran. “FieldAware allows me to have a bird’s eye view of the business all of the time online.”

Gabriel Cochran, Automation Business Manager