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Intimus International

Customer Bio

Intimus International has been keeping companies secure and protecting our environment for 50 years. The Intimus brand was born in 1965 with the introduction of “the electronic wastepaper basket” known as the Intimus Simplex, with over one million still in use today. This sustained excellence has made the Intimus brand synonymous with a closely trusted friend for its customers. Today Intimus offers their customers worldwide solutions for information assurance and waste management. In October 2014, Intimus acquired six European subsidiary divisions of Pitney Bowes and remains focused on providing state of the art document security across the globe.

The Challenge

The responsibility of data security can be daunting, especially for a rapidly growing company. Intimus prides themselves on excellent services and products, but was running their service delivery operations differently across six countries. In five of the six countries, the process of servicing their customers was very manual requiring significant manpower by planners in each office to schedule and dispatch engineers out to service their customers. Each office scheduler spent most of their day phoning engineers and informing them where their next service job was. Once the job was complete, the engineers would call back to the office and receive the location and details of their next job. Given that the majority of the service work being performed was inclusive in the customer contracts, Intimus needed to gain visibility, efficiencies and reduce the costs of service.

The Solution

Intimus began their search for a field service solution that would automate their manual service processes and help gain visibility and efficiencies in the service chain. They wanted the ability to see where their 65 engineers went on a daily basis in order to track and optimize their engineering resources. Previously, Intimus tried to use SAP to track hours of service workers, but that did not work. ServiceMax was already being utilized for field service management in one country; Intimus in turn, evaluated standardizing on ServiceMax across all six countries. However, ServiceMax was not natively integrated with NetSuite, could not meet the integration and implementation timelines the company needed and had a less desirable user interface. Intimus’ CEO made the final decision and selected FieldAware as their service optimization solution because of the deep integration with Netsuite, ease of implementation and ease of use for the schedulers and engineers. More importantly, Intimus knew they could meet their short implementation timeline with FieldAware. They started the implementation of NetSuite in December of 2014 and in just 40 days, they went live on FieldAware completely integrated with NetSuite. The positive impact was immediate, Intimus experienced quick and high adoption from their field engineers, even those that were less accepting of new technology.


“Results have been staggering and the outcome impressive”, said Erlyn Grevelt, supply chain coordinator. “Most importantly, FieldAware has taken the pressure off the coordination team. “ Scheduling service calls is easy and they are transmitted in real time out to the engineers for viewing and updating on their tablets, PCs or smart phones. Once an engineer completes a job, all information is transmitted back to the office and stored on the customer record creating instant visibility. Engineers are then presented in real time the location and details of their next job. The automation of the service chain has freed up the schedulers time and they now focus on other tasks, in turn, eliminating the need to hire more people. Also, the engineers are more efficient, have visibility into previous service jobs and can be the friend to their customers that Intimus strives to be. Dashboards of information regarding Intimus’ service operation provide further insight into where Intimus can continue gaining efficiencies in their service business and reduce cost. “Now we have a platform in place that will allow Intimus to continue optimizing the service chain and continue to make their processes lean and mean,” said Erlyn. We are glad Intimus found a friend in FieldAware.