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Meadows Service Group

About Meadows Office Interiors

Founded five decades ago, Meadows Office Interiors creates innovative workspaces that are strategically designed to help customers improve business performance, increase collaboration, realize cost efficiencies and build brand recognition.

By pairing 50 years of industry experience with the latest technology, Meadows embraces innovation and remains committed to providing exceptional customer service and building lasting client relationships.

As the company grew, Meadows Office Interiors created Meadows Service Group to be able to offer ongoing support to their customer base. A dedicated team is focused on maximizing the lifetime and effectiveness of their clients’ workplace assets. As a one-stop resource, Meadows’ services include furniture maintenance, asset management, inventory control, on-demand service and furniture rental, ultimately saving their clients time and money while providing peace of mind.

The Challenge

Meadows Office Interiors has always had a strong focus on their customer-centric service and delivering exceptional value to their clients. Over the years, Meadows had operated well using manual processes to manage its operations, but the business was expanding rapidly and it soon became clear that more streamlined ways of working had to be introduced.

Meadows had to keep pace with their growth to maintain the high level of customer service their clients had come to expect. A key differentiator for Meadows had always been how they have
embraced technology in their service delivery. In order to elevate the value they offered still further, looking to the latest developments in technology was a natural place to start.

“When we launched Meadows Service Group we started out with what now looks like fairly basic processes in the office,” explains Ethan Bajrak, Director of Enterprise Solutions with Meadows Service Group. “But with the speed of growth we experienced, we quickly realized we had to be more strategic in the way we worked to effectively manage the operational side of the business, which was becoming more and more challenging. We needed to gain the maximum benefit for our
clients and our teams, but the processes we used were not visible to everyone and were manually updated outside of our CRM and ERP systems. There was lots of room for error.”

“With the business expanding, we were in real danger of our service levels slipping and missing opportunities. We knew we couldn’t carry on operating that way.”

The company needed better efficiency and control of the workflow, the crews, and their tools. But their existing CRM /ERP system, NetSuite, was very important to them so they wanted to leverage its use and not change their processes too drastically.

“Our first step was to see what could be done within NetSuite, ”explains Ethan.“The next was to look for products that were tightly integrated with the platform. We also worked with our NetSuite integration partner to get their recommendations

for products their other customers had proven success with. FieldAware checked all those boxes.”

“FieldAware allowed us to continue to process our orders in NetSuite, as we had always done, but adding the FSO component to provide the features that NetSuite could not support natively. Adding the ability for very granular tracking was another large component of our move to this type of field service management platform.”

The Solution

FieldAware is a comprehensive cloud-based field service management solution using modern web and mobile technologies that allow organizations to easily and efficiently manage service requests, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and reporting.

“The deployment was straightforward. Our FieldAware integration team was always engaged and great to work with. They helped us understand the capabilities of the system so we could make the right decisions on the configuration,” comments Ethan.

“Once FieldAware was ready to go live, we engaged the FieldAware team to do an onsite training program for our staff. We did multiple sessions based on user roles so the field techs could focus on what they needed to use and the back-office staff could understand how to enter FSOs that translated properly to the crews in the field.”

The Result

Meadows has been delighted with their choice of FieldAware, both from the improved day-to-day operational management they have seen and through driving the revenue growth of the Meadows Service Group.

The company has increased visibility and control as FieldAware has enabled Meadows to standardize their processes and capture all jobs accurately.

“Visibility for all members of the Meadows team has changed the perspective of our staff,” adds Ethan. “They are promoting our maintenance and on-call service offerings because they can see how well the process is managed and how quickly client issues are addressed.”

“Meadows Service Group is a newer revenue stream for the company and FieldAware is helping us manage the growth of this division while effectively delivering our service promise to Meadows clients.”

They have been able to minimize downtime, while also improving productivity. Everyone has a FieldAware portlet in NetSuite so they can see everything in real time. There is also a large monitor in the service center displaying FieldAware so everyone is acutely aware of the day’s schedule. Everyone can now see what’s on tap for all the resources, including employees, vehicles and special tools.

Meadows Service Group