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Mechanical Specialties, LLC

Mechanical Specialties is an electrical contracting company founded in 2004. 

Prior to using FieldAware, the company was heavily paper based, using an array of different software tools, calendars and spreadsheets, which created inefficiencies.  One example of such an inefficiency is that in order to pull up a previous order an employee had to check several different places just to hunt down any previous work performed for the customer.

Due to this lack of efficiency and lost time, the company looked for a solution that would organize all their customer data, work history, invoices, reports and scheduling information in one place.

After doing significant research, they selected FieldAware’s field service management software.  Besides being able to address their service operation issues, MSEC was pleasantly surprised to work with a company that could provide them with personalized, hands-on customer service and training.

Since implementing FieldAware, MSEC has seen significant improvements in their field service operations.  They are now able to find all the information needed for a job in one place without having to check multiple sources.  As a result, they are able to schedule more jobs and spend more time on revenue-generating activities while providing a more efficient platform for their employees.

According to Monique Kottemann, CAO (Chief Administrative Officer), “Information is now at our fingertips ten times faster.”  MSEC field technicians are now able to view information entered from the back office in real time.  Ultimately, FieldAware has helped MSEC improve efficiency, and more importantly, customer service.  According to Ms. Kottemann, “We are now better able to serve our customers, and that’s what keeps them coming back.”

At first, there was some hesitancy by some technicians to use FieldAware because they were concerned they might be monitored.  However, the technicians have come to realize the benefits of being able to see their upcoming schedule in real time, not to mention being able to attach photos of their work and obtain signatures from their customers approving their work.  Meanwhile, management sees the many benefits of FieldAware because it helps them easily manage the team in the field.  Even MSEC’s clients have noticed a difference according to Ms. Kottemann, “Our customers see that we are moving forward technologically and that we are committed to delivering better service.”

“FieldAware has made a big impact on our business,” said Ms. Kottemann.  “We would not be able to operate as efficiently or productively without FieldAware.”

Monique Kotteman, CAO