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Pearson Mechanical Inc.


Pearson Mechanical Inc. has been delivering plumbing and HVAC services to residential, multi-family and commercial customers in North Texas since 1982. As boldly stated on their website, this family-owned business is dedicated to “100 percent customer satisfaction.”

While they cover a wide customer base—as far away as Austin and Denver—Pearson has 12 employees, including four technicians and dispatcher Jorge Villa, himself a former field technician for the company. Having seen both sides of the business, Villa was eager to implement a solution to help streamline the dispatching process. “Previously, the dispatcher took all calls, and assigned each a job number,” he says. “The dispatcher would call a technician to assign the job, and the tech would have to write down all of the job information himself.”

Such an unwieldy process had other drawbacks, Villa adds. “Our biggest challenge was not being able to access previous work information for any job. Technicians would have to call into the office to get any information. Basically, we wanted to be able to dispatch more efficiently.”

Benefits Only FieldAware Can Deliver

Pearson’s service manager, Pat Smith, looked at a variety of possible options before deciding that the FieldAware field management solution offered the best features for the company’s needs. With this cloud-based application, accessible via the Internet and smartphones, Pearson’s technicians now have instant access to job information, prior work history and accurate customer data. “The FieldAware mobile app puts all customer information in the hands of the technicians,” says Villa. “Nothing is lost in translation between the office and the field. We can access this information at any time of the day, even when the office is closed.”

As a result, Villa says, efficiency has increased. “The guys in the field have the mobile app open all the time. All the assigned jobs are in the dashboard, so they don’t have to wait for a call from the dispatcher. I’m saving at least an hour a day, and for a technician, anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half is being saved. Everything can be done remotely, so the techs can be dispatched at any time and go directly from their homes to the call.”

Pearson’s customers have noticed the difference as well. “Out in the field we are able to collect customer signatures on the spot,” Villa says. “They feel it’s very professional.” He also expects to be able to build on this productivity once the busy summer season arrives. “We are starting to add our assets to the system, making it easier for the technician to look up equipment information and know what we have available. We can also send professional quotes over to customers.”
Overall, FieldAware has helped Pearson Mechanical do more. “I like the capability of having information available whenever you need it,” says Villa. “All of the features lead to collecting from the customer faster.”

Jorge Villa, Dispatcher