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Pebble Technology International


Pebble Technology International is the original creator of Pebble Tec®, the world’s most trusted pool finish. While the company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, they serve customers nationwide, says Brian Varisco, Director of Quality Control at Pebble Pebble Technology.

“We sell premium aggregate used to create a durable pool finish to a network of certified installers” Varisco explains. “Our guys serve as a support team to companies that are installing our product. We go out to them to assist with difficult jobs, and help with training.”

When he started working for Pebble Technology, Varisco found their customer database to be somewhat lacking. “We did not have a good system of tracking our interactions with customers and the end user—the person who bought the pool finish. We take a lot of pictures of our work, and have a lot of attachments that are relevant to specific jobs. It was very difficult to go back and find that information and to have everything in one spot. Work orders were managed on an Excel spreadsheet. The guys would have multiple jobs a day, and at the end of each day they’d type out everything into their own spreadsheet and e-mail it to our warranty manager.”

Varisco began researching efficiency solutions. “I had a list of about ten different options,” he says. “A lot of them were more website-based types. FieldAware looked good to me because it was focused on the service tech industry.”

Benefits Only FieldAware Can Deliver

Thanks to FieldAware’s cloud-based field service management solution, Pebble Pebble Technology is able to tackle jobs and tasks faster than ever. “FieldAware is essentially serving as a customer database for us,” says Varisco. “All of our calls come in to the warranty manager in the office; if it’s something he can handle, he can input the customer into FieldAware and create and close a job over the phone. If it’s something that we need to have one of our guys get into, he can create the job and immediately dispatch it to a technician.”

That technician gets the information with the ease of the mobile app, which brings all the functionality of the FieldAware system to iPhone and Android users. “The mobile app was a big deal,” says Varisco. “The other platforms didn’t have it.”

With customer information “at their fingertips”, the technicians are drastically more informed on the job. Varisco reports, “Each technician is saving at least an hour each day.” FieldAware has enabled Pebble Technology to increase productivity, “When our guys are out in the field, a neighbor might call them over, and they can create a new job easily right from their mobile device.  We receive the job information in the office as well,” he explains.

“We are definitely picking up efficiencies,” says Varisco. “The greatest thing is the real-time transfer of information. We used to have a lot of back-and-forth phone calls and e-mails, where we were spinning our wheels on one customer. Now we can access all of the information within FieldAware.”

Brian Varisco, Director of Quality Controls