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ServiceMaster Clean for Vancouver

When you are running a service organization, it's pretty easy to have a disconnect between your marketing efforts, sales staff, and production crews. For example, our sales staff may be preparing a quote on a building we worked on before:  would it not be helpful if they had information on our previous experiences at that location at their fingertips? 

The biggest advantage of FieldAware linked with Salesforce is that it brings these three major parts of our business together in one seamless system. FieldAware alone greatly enhances our business operations by enabling true real-time field management. We can provide urgent work requests with all of the relevant data right to our crews’ phones, while the office staff has the knowledge of whether the job has been completed, and how its outcome. 

By synching FieldAware with Salesforce, we further advance the abilities of our staff in all areas. They can look into our sales and production pipeline and design marketing around what our current situation is. We can quickly pass over all the key information cultivated by our sales staff in SalesForce to our technicians in FieldAware, which improves our overall quality of service. The advantages of a seamless system extend to our clients. They can make requests and our staff does not need to call people, make work orders, which are time-consuming and could be based on out-of-date information.

All of these advantages reduce the time spent on communication and increases the efficiency of our company, and that’s a massive advantage for us.