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Stansfield Vending


Stansfield Vending was founded in 1942 by Jim A. Stansfield to provide jukeboxes to restaurant owners who wanted to entertain their customers In the present day, the business, based in La Crosse, WI, has grown to over 400 customers and 3,500 assets and now provides and maintains jukeboxes and other entertainment equipment, such as pool tables, dart machines and video games.


As with many businesses, Stansfield Vending’s growth has come with challenges: Increased paperwork, increased data along with inefficient storage and difficulty maintaining accurate maintenance records.

Stansfield Vending wanted to organize their field operations to optimize efficiency while enhancing service. Techs needed easy access to customer history, repair records and job status, anywhere, anytime.

“We needed to be as efficient as possible to give the best service possible,” says Robert “Bobby” Burke, one of the company’s service managers. And that meant reevaluating processes. “We were still documenting calls and appointments with a pen and pad of paper. When a tech would complete a service slip they would put one copy in the machine, one copy in the cash box, one copy on any parts brought back to the shop and bring one copy back to the shop so we would know what service was performed. When the techs are in a hurry their handwriting isn’t always legible but once we had figured out what services were performed, we coded the service slip and entered it into a program used to log service calls.

“If we wanted to look at the repair history of a machine, we had to go into this program and look it up by machine and hope all service calls had been updated. If we were behind on entering service slips, we wouldn’t get accurate information. It was frustrating, time-consuming and very inefficient. We were a 21st company working in the 19th century.

“I knew there had to be a better way, and we researched our options. We found a number of companies that might have what we needed but most were focused on tracking and not service. We didn’t need to track our vehicles. We needed a solution that would provide a good service history of our asset base.”

Having seen FieldAware in action, the choice was clear.

The Solution

Stansfield Vending chose FieldAware and rolled out the solution to their entire service team. FieldAware is a comprehensive cloud-based field service management solution using modern web and mobile technologies that allow organizations to easily and efficiently manage service requests, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and reporting.

The Benefits

When Burke saw how customizable FieldAware is, he knew it suited Stansfield’s needs. “We have at least 20 pieces of paper to track for each different piece of equipment, but the papers would get destroyed or lost. Even logging service calls requires up to six pieces of paper. It became very expensive.”

FieldAware, he says, saves two minutes in recording the service call and 20 minutes documenting the visit. The technician gets the job request quickly and accurately, anywhere, anytime. “We’ve gained tenfold on technician time spent filling out paperwork,” Burke says.

Excellent Support

Implementation was simple. “FieldAware’s tech support is excellent,” Burke says. “They are on top of everything. If we had a question, they had an answer. It’s great to work with people who really know the solution and are there to help.”

Because of this great support, Stansfield Vending continues to expand its use of FieldAware, most recently by tracking which parts go with which machine. They can immediately know the kind of machine and what parts are needed to service it. Previously, a tech would sometimes arrive at the customer site with the wrong parts and then have to make a second trip.

Burke says they have also used FieldAware’s custom field feature with great success. “One of the techs noticed we didn’t have the information needed for pool table repair so we would often have to manually look up the details. We have now added this information to FieldAware, using a custom field so we can instantly see what type of pool table the customer has. We have saved so much time just by adding that one field.”

Scheduling is also simpler. “We were using a binder to record what machines needed maintenance and when they needed it. Now FieldAware schedules the jobs for us.”

Improved Efficiency

FieldAware has increased Stansfield’s efficiency by at least 35 percent, and customers are happier as a result, Burke says. The company also has increased revenue by controlling costs, such as technician time and materials.

“We were using 30,000 sheets of paper a year, and that includes the two-ply and four-ply carbons, which cost $1.50 each. Using FieldAware, we’re saving $40,000 on paper alone, not to mention the time it takes to fill out the paperwork. FieldAware has more than paid for itself.” The company is currently launching FieldAware’s invoice capability to automate billing.

“Everybody is really onboard with FieldAware,” Burke says. “We weren’t going to implement it if our techs didn’t want it. But they love it. A year from now I guarantee we’ll have found even more ways it can help us. We wanted a solution that met our needs, and that solution is FieldAware.”