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Sun Oil Limited


Mention the word “Bahamas” in conversation, and the mental image that will most likely appear is that of an island paradise, the ideal place to forget one’s troubles and tasks. But as with any paradise, a lot of work exists beneath the surface to preserve that image.

Sun Oil Limited is a subsidiary of FOCOL Holdings Limited, set up in 2006 providing retail and bulk distribution of petroleum products at retail service stations throughout the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands. “We are very broad in terms of our reach in the petroleum industry, so we have a number of tasks and action items,” says André Moss, Engineering Projects Manager at Sun Oil. “Being owners of the critical equipment, we want to make sure we manage our assets, get a return on investment, and improve our efficiencies and the effectiveness of our staff.”

Traditionally, says Moss, work orders are more often than not generated reactively vs. proactively.  “With everything being mostly dispatched from Nassau, we would identify our hot spots and put the emphasis to go and address those locations. And obviously, if we had a customer call and say, ‘My generator stopped working’ or ‘I have a leak in our pipeline,’ we’d react to that right away.”

“Previously, we would call or e-mail our technicians with the top five or six projects that we need to address, and they would just go out and execute the tasks. If something came up, we would call them and say ‘check your e-mail.’ We needed a tool to centralize our tasks and improve effectiveness and accountability. To be able to measure our open items versus closed, timeliness, and the whole nine yards, so nothing fell through the cracks.”

Benefits Only FieldAware Can Deliver

The Sun Oil Team decided to implement the FieldAware field service automation system, the cloud-based application that he can monitor at the office, and his technicians can access from their tablets. “Our primary goal is to enable our field engineers and technicians to work more efficiently, and as a result work smarter and not harder. With the implementation of FieldAware, we are better positioned to meet our many customer needs. We believe that success doesn’t just happen, it takes effective planning. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Moss also expects the FieldAware system to provide a greater view of capacity and allow Sun Oil to get more jobs done, “Now we can log on to FieldAware and be able to see everything. The Scheduler helps us to know that we are not overloading one person or scheduling too many jobs to be done simultaneously. When something comes up we can know who can address it or, if it is an emergency, we have the ability to designate it as a high priority.”

The key to FieldAware, which made the difference when choosing over competing solutions, was the customizability, says Moss. “The FieldAware team was very accommodating and willing to customize the application to incorporate additional features and enhancements to meet our needs. That was something that definitely appealed to us. There’s nothing better than having an application suited for your specific needs. At the end day, it has definitely brought more structure, enabled flawless execution and ease of getting real-time status reports, compared to our former method of operation.”

André Moss, Engineering Projects Manager