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Thermo King


Every trucking organization must be able to deliver on their goods and services, and that begins before they head out to do their work. Proper fueling and maintenance is necessary to keep them on the road, of course, but what’s keeping the environment stable behind the driver’s cab?

According to their website, Thermo King is the “world leader in transport temperature control systems for trucks, trailers, buses, rail cars and shipboard containers.” The company also manufactures auxiliary power units to reduce engine idling. Since their inception in 1938, Thermo King has expanded throughout the United States to provide local parts and service, each outlet independently owned and operated. With the demand on their services, efficiency is paramount.

Until last year, says service manager Greg Carter, your work orders and field business processes were handled manually. “We used spreadsheets mostly,” he explains. “Our service writer would take the incoming service calls. To get the jobs out to the mechanics, we would have to page them and have them come into the office, where I’d assign the jobs. Or I would have to grab the work orders, find out where the mechanic was, and bring them the work orders personally. There would have to be a physical exchange of work orders, which took away a lot of time.”

Carter’s biggest challenge, by far, was keeping track of paperwork. “That, and making sure the mechanics were on the correct repair order that we gave them. Basically, we needed to find a way to go paperless,” he says.

Benefits Only FieldAware Can Deliver

The FieldAware field management system allowed him to do just that. The cloud-based application can be just as easily accessed by Carter in the office as his drivers in the field on their smartphones.

Carter’s main productivity tool is the FieldAware Scheduler, which streamlines all of his key processes. “I can schedule everything more in advance now, with jobs specifically assigned to the mechanics that we are utilizing on the system. As far as keeping track of paperwork, we have found that it has been a lot easier.”

Getting Thermo King going on the system, after being an established company for 75 years, with its own customs and methods, was not a hassle in the least. “It was easy all the way,” Carter says. “As far as utilizing on the iPads and iPhones, it was just getting used to where the key features are, but it’s very easy to pick up. It took just a day for us to get the system up and running. And FieldAware’s customer support has been outstanding—they helped us with any questions we had.”

The system has saved Thermo King valuable time and enabled higher productivity, Carter reports, “FieldAware saves me at least three hours a day.” Carter adds that his mechanics “love the system because now they do not have to come into the office to get all of their work orders. The mechanics have been able to complete more jobs as well, they are increasing by one and a half jobs a day.”

Greg Carter, Service Manager