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Venttex LLC


Customer satisfaction is of key importance for Venttex.  That is why owner, Gerald Hoard, Jr. knew he needed to evolve his business beyond some of the basic operations processes they were following.  Venttex provides a wide array of services to residential and commercial customers.  Starting by offering simple dryer vent cleaning services and chimney sweeping, Venttex has grown to perform many types of exhaust, air duct and vent services.

Venttex was using the traditional method of job scheduling that started with calls coming in from customers.  The jobs were recorded by a person answering the phone and logging the jobs into an excel spreadsheet.  As the business grew, Gerald knew his business needed to keep pace and could not rely on these simple methods to manage a growing number of jobs, technicians and customers.  “The process we were using became overwhelming to manage,” stated Gerald.  He added, “What I really wanted was a paperless system that my technicians could take out in the field.  I wanted an automated dispatch system that would go right on to a mobile device.”

Benefits Only FieldAware Can Deliver

The Scheduler of the FieldAware system is a key part of the solution for Gerald.  He commented on how much increased visibility he now has into his business using the FieldAware web application.  “I now have the ability to look at current and future jobs.  I can see what jobs are completed instantly.  The Scheduler puts it all in one place.  I also can dispatch different jobs to different technicians based on their skills and the needs of the customer,” stated Gerald.

Gerald looked into the market and tried to find a solution that would streamline his job scheduling and dispatching.  Looking at other providers before FieldAware, he was disappointed.  Other providers did not have a strong enough solution to enable the technicians to work on a natively-developed mobile application.  He also found the service of other competitors to fall well short of the service he provides to his customers.  “Other providers we looked at provided virtually no customer service.  We were not able to contact them and get support or simple questions answered,” said Gerald.  He added, “The FieldAware support team has been outstanding.”

FieldAware has also helped Gerald to grow his business.  “We used to just do the job and move on to the next one.  With FieldAware, we are able to ask customers if they want us to repeat a service at the same time next year.  The FieldAware system automatically notifies me when that time is approaching for the customer and we are able to do more work.”  This is a critical part of the Venttex business where so many customers are repeat customers.  “It has improved our productivity on future jobs greatly and scheduling recurring jobs is something we couldn’t do easily.”  FieldAware is helping Venttex grow as a business.  Gerald added that, “My business gained over 1,500 customers in just the first four months with FieldAware.”

Gerald reports that the FieldAware support is a key differentiator.  “One of the best features of working with FieldAware is the customer service and support teams.  These guys really listen.  The support staff has responded quickly to any questions we have brought up and they helped us get up and running on the system in just a matter of days.”

For any service business that needs to transform their business beyond old processes and systems, FieldAware is the right alternative.  If your business is focused on customer service like Venttex, please give us a call so we can schedule a free demonstration of our software and mobile application.  Your business can grow just like Venttex.

Gerald Hoard, Jr., Owner