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Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Allied Glass & Aluminum Products has been in business since 1960, serving a wide range of commercial and residential clients. They pride themselves on top quality workmanship and products, expertise and personalized customer service and provide all glass-related needs. In addition to standard window treatments, the company’s specialties extend to skylights, sunrooms, custom showers and railing design and installation. With a wide range of products and services on off er across all commercial and residential sectors, Allied Glass is a booming business. In addition to the installation of products they also provide service, replacement and repair on all types of commercial doors and windows and maintenance contracts for property managers. An additional factor in the day-to-day operations at Allied Glass is the 24/7 emergency residential and commercial glass repair service they provide.


With a busy company carrying out a range of installation, service and repair work and an emergency call out process to manage too, Jeff Devine, president and owner of Allied Glass says they started running into the ‘usual problems’ keeping track of jobs. “ Basically, we were all paper,” Jeff says. “ It was paper work orders, paper invoices, paper everything. It was diffi cult to coordinate everyone because it was all manual. “ Technicians had to come into the offi ce to receive new jobs. Also, we had diffi culty coordinating our systems because we had a number of diff erent ones.” To streamline their processes, Allied Glass recognized they wanted to implement an automated management system. “ We looked at multiple systems and we ended up choosing FieldAware. They had a seamless integration with QuickBooks, there was support included and it was the most economical.”

The Solution

FieldAware is a comprehensive cloud-based fi eld service management solution using modern web and mobile technologies that allow organizations to easily and effi ciently manage service requests, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and reporting. FieldAware was built to integrate seamlessly with other business software and solutions, including QuickBooks. The fl exibility of integration is due to the open-API (application programming interface) framework that FieldAware employs which means that it can integrate easily with Accounting, CRM or ERP solutions, without the need for complexity.

The Benefits

When Allied Glass started looking at diff erent fi eld service solutions, Jeff Devine liked that FieldAware is cloud-based and made-formobile. This means that the solution is accessible in real-time from any Internet browser, as well as from the FieldAware Mobile App, available for iOS- and Android-based smartphones. This meant Allied Glass was able to connect teams easily and eliminate the excessive paperwork the company worked with. Before FieldAware, one of the company’s problem areas was lost paperwork. Now, all of the orders get sent to the technicians’ smartphones. The jobs are all dispatched out of one place so they can all be managed effi ciently and they don’t get lost. The company now looks to FieldAware to keep the business organized. The intuitive scheduling tool means that jobs can be scheduled at the touch of a button and then as the day progresses the status viewed in real-time. This status includes start and stop times and job locations, which means changes can be made easily as any emergency work comes in to see who is the best technician in terms of availability and location. “ It has defi nitely improved our productivity,” says Jeff. “We can dispatch from the offi ce now, so we don’t have the need for anybody to handle all the extra work we used to have calling technicians with appointments and changes.” FieldAware also stood out to Allied Glass from other fi eld service solutions because of the wide variety of customizable tools that help the user streamline processes and speed effi ciency. As another task that consumed a lot of time at Allied Glass was invoicing, and thanks to FieldAware, that is improved.

“We can send invoices through FieldAware, and then they get copied to our QuickBooks accounting software,” says Jeff. “Before we were invoicing on a weekly basis; now we do it on just about a daily basis.” FieldAware is helping Allied Glass transform their fi eld service and is proving the right decision for their fi eld service management. “ We are saving days for sure,” concludes Jeff . “ We’re not running around chasing guys down in the fi eld, and they’re not chasing us down. We are more on top of customer service and it is easier to get to them, and get them their quotes and invoices as well. It defi nitely is a timesaver.”

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