Field Service Automation Benefits

Automating your field service operations pays big dividends

Field Service Automation (FSA) ( also known as Field Service Management) makes your field workers more efficient and more productive. Having direct access to work orders, parts inventory, and customer data from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet empowers your frontline workers to get more done each day.

Delight Customers

When a field worker or technician has access to a customer’s complete work history and preferences and can make valuable service recommendations, everybody wins. Customers get personal service and field workers are seen as proactive, valuable partners.

Generate Revenue Faster

When a field worker can quote, invoice and accept payment for service in the field, your cash flow gets turbocharged. No more shuffling around paperwork in the field or back at the office. Transactions happen in real time, from estimate to sign-off. That puts money in your pocket faster.

Interactive Scheduling

When back-office dispatchers have access to every field worker’s schedule and can easily adjust and assign time slots, you can react quickly to changing schedules. No more phone calls or checking whiteboards. Every new job or updated job can be assigned quickly on the fly. That means fitting more jobs into each day and meeting customer field service needs.

Automation Means Accuracy

Customers want to know when you’ll be there, what you did, how much they’ll be charged and when you’ll be back. Field service automation ensures that both you and your customers are on the same page. From quote to job to payment, no one is in the dark. Your field worker has access to all customer relationship data, including their service history and equipment. The back office can see when a field worker arrived and when they left, so no more misunderstandings.