Advantages of Service Automation

Learn the advantages of service automation using FieldAware.

FieldAware’s cloud-based field service automation system enables faster access to company’s information at anytime, anywhere. FieldAware's customizable features enable easy scheduling, timely dispatching and error-less invoicing to achieve optimal efficiency.

FieldAware's platform is made for mobile and can be easily used with iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

Advantages of FieldAware service automation solution

  • Automate work flows - Get your scheduling done with a single click; Automated technician tracking
  • Understand customer needs - Manage and track all customer assets; Optimize inventory levels, cut down travel time and improve deliverability
  • Accelerate cash flow - Reduce the billing period and generate invoices instantly

Enjoy more than 20% increase in productivity and revenue, with FieldAware service automation.

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