Best Way to Track My Techs

FieldAware is the best way to track your techs.

Many field service business owners have come to the same realization. As GPS tracking, mobility and cloud-based software has evolved there are a multitude of ways to track everything from vehicles to jobs to big data. But the question asked most often is "What is the best way to track my techs?"
The answer would seem simple, just outfit their service van with GPS tracking and sign up for a tracking service. Unfortunately there's a lot more to consider and simple vehicle tracking isn't the answer.
The best way to track your technicians involves more than just where they are, but also what they're doing. Tracking a tech's location gives you half the puzzle. It's good to know where their vehicle is so you can ensure they're where they're supposed to be and if they took the most efficient route to get there.
However, being on time and in the right place isn't helpful if when they get there they aren't meeting the customer's expectations or following your service guidelines. Tracking a field technician means monitoring more than just GPS coordinates. You also need to track:
  • Tasks being performed
  • Forms being completed
  • Time spent on the job (not just arrival and departure time)
  • Items and materials used
  • Costs charged to the customer
  • Job site photos and video
  • Service contracts and maintenance agreements used
When all these aspects of a job are combined with location-based tracking, supervisors can get a full view of what's going on the field with each service tech. Without it, they're basically just looking at trucks on a map.