Crew Scheduling Software

Scheduling crews is no problem with FieldAware's software

If your business involves the scheduling of crews or service teams in the field, you know how hard it can be to manage their work, location and time with ordinary scheduling software. FieldAware was built with work crews in mind.

As workload requirements ebb and flow over time, schedulers and service managers need to be able to add and remove service crew members with ease and total visibility as well as track hours of service (sometimes based on union rules).

Manage Work Crews Flawlessly

The FieldAware crew scheduling functionality gives field service companies the ability to assign a crew lead to a job with multiple field workers, provide dynamic job duration based on multiple workers contributing to the job at varying times, actively show the members of a crew on a job with multiple workers, provide the status of a job, and create a single invoice for a job that was completed with multiple workers – all through the FieldAware mobile app or on a web browser.

  • Schedule jobs quickly using the interactive Scheduler
  • Dispatch directly to the team lead on their mobile device
  • Easily set up default crews
  • Quickly make adjustments to your crew on a job as needed
  • Manage crew jobs from the office via the Web
  • Start, pause, and complete jobs from the office or field
  • Adjust job details and chargeable hours as needed
  • Check crew members in to and out of the job site
  • Record each individual’s time worked
  • Keep crew leads in the loop on time changes
  • Manage it all from a streamlined interface
  • Calculate net cost immediately at the end of a job
  • Use different rates per crew member on the same job
  • Add new crew members on the fly
  • Accurately estimate job costs