Field Invoicing Software

Make your Invoicing Easy with FieldAware Field Invoicing

A challenge for many field service organizations is how to reduce the time taken to invoice customers following a job and to eliminate invoicing mistakes. Field invoicing software provides straightforward billing direct from the field technician who completed the work to your customers, achieving a more streamlined, quicker payment cycle.

With FieldAware, invoicing is easy. Using the FieldAware app, on completion of the job, the field technician can generate an invoice automatically triggered by the electronic capture of the customer’s signature or can produce the invoice themselves with a single click.

With Field Invoicing, Paperwork becomes a Thing of the Past

When using paper-based systems, on completion of a job the field technician has to fill out the necessary forms and then later take them into the office to be processed for payment. There is therefore a delay as, depending how far away the technician is working, they may not be in the office on a regular basis.

Once the information is received at the office, the data then needs to be manually input. This input may be needed more than once, as field service organizations often operate with a mix of different systems to manage their operational workflow and accounting practices. Inputting data into multiple systems brings its own issues, as not only is work being duplicated but there is also the danger of inconsistencies from having to enter the same information multiple times. The information therefore may be inaccurate, when it comes to billing the customer.

Using a paper-based system there is also the chance of the paperwork going missing or being misplaced and the records of the job being lost with that. There is no reliable audit trail when information is only captured on paper.

Field Invoicing removes all of these problems. The field technician updates the correct information on the job detail, which will include the time to be billed and any parts used or additional service given. FieldAware provides templates, which can be customized for the business needs. Drop down menus and auto fill options make them specific to the technician on that task and even more straightforward to complete.

If you are already utilizing accounting software, FieldAware’s market-leading API and integration capabilities makes linking to any existing system easy and simple. This means information needs to be input just once, eliminating the need for re-entering information or updating multiple systems.

 The Benefits of FieldAware Invoicing -

  • improves cash flow
  • reduces days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • improves accuracy of customer billing
  • removes duplication of work
  • integrates seamlessly with other existing accounting systems
  • saves all invoices the field technicians create in the web application
  • creates an audit trail
  • emails invoices direct to customers

Field Invoicing means that tasks can be automated from the field as soon as jobs are completed. Customers can be invoiced immediately, achieving a quicker payment cycle through order to cash automation, to keep your business running more effectively.

To find out more about FieldAware’s field invoicing software why not view our overview video.