GPS Tracking for Field Technicians is Just Part of the Solution

You'll need more than simple GPS tracking to drastically improve your company's field service operations.

GPS tracking is popular among field service businesses who feel they need to track the location of their field technicians to better utilize their time and reduce inappropriate use of company time and resources. This has lead to a wide variety of GPS tracking solutions on the market from as low as $20 per month and as high as $80 per month. Additional pricing structures exist and may include device charges, additional charges for service add-ons, etc. Most of these solutions work well and deliver on their promise of providing location data for field-based resources.

Our Solution

At FieldAware, we believe tracking your field workers is just a small part of the solution to improving field and fleet service operations. That's why we offer a complete field service management system that includes tracking capabilities for the same price some vendors charge for simple GPS tracking software.

At FieldAware we focus on a giving our customers a complete, end-to-end solution from customer intake and scheduling all the way to invoicing clients at the end of the job. In between we provide tools to manage work crews, track parts and customer assets, manage customer contact information, standardize work tasks and, yes, find your technician's location.

Why settle for just seeing your field team on a map? Get a demonstration of FieldAware and find out how you can drastically improve your service operations while delivering better customer service and generating more revenue.