How to Track My Techs

Track your techs using FieldAware's mobile app.

Being able to track techs is more than just a service manager being "big brother." There are a variety of business reasons why it's important to know where your technicans are at any given time during the work day.
For instance:

Being able to assign a tech by proximity.

When you have unscheduled work or emergency jobs come in, you'd like to send the closest available tech or engineer to that job. This helps compress arrival time windows and ensure better customer service. To do this you need to be able to track your tech's location.

Improved routing.

When work is scheduled, dispatchers should be able to track both a tech's location and a customer location on one screen and schedule based on the shortest available routes. This reduces fuel consumption and ensures service windows are met.

Identify potential personnel issues.

During work hours, you want to ensure that your technicians are where they're supposed to be. Being able to track your techs allows you to identify when employees are in places they shouldn't be on company time. These personnel issutes can then be addressed before they become an ongoing issue.

Proof of service.

The need will arise, on occasion, to prove to a customer that your techs were actually onsite performing the service the customer expected. Being able to show a customer that your team was onsite when they were supposed to be goes a long way to disputing any claims.

Find My Tech from FieldAware

With FieldAware's "Find My Tech" feature, managers and dispatchers can easily ping a tech's location using GPS and track their location. This feature is included free with your FieldAware license.