Job Tracking

Job tracking software by FieldAware.

Job tracking is critical for companies in the field service business. Whether servicing commercial or residential businesses, tracking jobs (status, tasks, crews, assets, etc.) accurately and efficiently keeps field resources on track and on time. Additionally, customers receive the white glove service they increasingly assume they will get.

Here are some of the most important capabilities you should expect from job tracking software:

Job Status

The right software provides both an at-a-glance view of job status (scheduled, started, en route, working, completed) as well as a detailed view of what tasks were performed, what items were used, what customer assets were touched, etc.

Job Scheduling

Job scheduling features are designed to keep technicians on track and on time. They provide real-time updates for when jobs are assigned as well as offering the ability to quickly assign new jobs as they are taken in.

Time Tracking

Time tracking features enable companies to determine when employees start and complete jobs and compare the actual to scheduled time. They also track travel time, allowing companies to bill for the actual amount of time required to drive to their location. Managers can also see the number of jobs a technician has completed.

Asset Tracking

Asset Management provides the ability to track and manage customer assets – as well as your own. You can track specific equipment details such as manufacturer, model#, serial#, and warranty information. 

Task Tracking

Task management features are designed to provide consistency and quality for all service jobs. Creating a standard set of tasks gives a field technician all the information they need on what tasks to perform as well as how to perform them. Additionally, tasks can be added to upsell and perform routing service checks.

Crew Tracking

Crew-based scheduling functionality gives service companies the ability to assign a crew lead to a job with multiple field workers, provide dynamic job duration based on multiple workers, and actively show the members of a crew on a job with multiple workers.