Mobile App to Track My Techs

FieldAware is the best tool to track your techs.

One of the most common questions we get from people looking to improve their field service operations is "Do you have a mobile app to track my techs?" The short answer is "Yes" but then we dig deeper and try to find out more about what brought them to the question in the first place. Some of our follow-up questions are below. Ultimately most of the service managers we talk to realize they need to 1) take a harder look at their service operations and 2) start looking for a field service management solution.
  • Do your techs have a mobile app to track customer service history?
  • Do your schedulers have a way of assigning work that instantly updates the tech's mobile device?
  • Can your techs take and store job site photos that are saved to the cloud for easy access by anyone else in the company?
  • Do your techs need to fill out PDF forms (e.g. safety checklists) from their mobile devices while on site?
  • Can your techs take customer signatures upon work completion?
  • Do your techs need mobile access to documents, videos, contracts or any other types of files?
  • Can your techs currently track all of a customer's assets across all locations?
These questions tend to lead to an epiphany with service managers, which is that there's a much better way of managing service operations. A field service automation system like FieldAware can do a lot more than just track techs from a mobile app, it can revolutionize your business. Imagine mobile apps and Web-based software that can:
  • Make field techs more productive.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Supercharge scheduling.
  • Reduce overhead costs and overtime.
  • Provide rich insights into company performance.
  • Generate more business and improve customer churn.
  • Increase safety in the field.
All that's possible with FieldAware. For commercial and residential businesses alike, we've brought hundreds of businesses into the mobile/cloud age. Watch the video below for an overview of how field service businesses are reaping the rewards of Field Service Automation.