Mobile Tracking for Field Service Companies

Mobile tracking for field service companies by FieldAware.

Field service companies are unique organizations. The ability to deliver and track customer service performance is complex and challenging compared to most other industries. A single service call is tracking across both field teams and back office personnel, all of whom need to be on the same page despite being physically distributed and mobile.
The ability to track performance and mobile personnel has become infinitely easier since the arrival and adoption of GPS technology and the ubiquity of mobile devices and apps. Being able to track the location field technicians provides field service businesses with insight into:
  • More efficient scheduling of new jobs
  • Accountability of field personnel
  • Easier management of emergency calls
  • Reduced spend on fuel through better routing
  • Proof of service for customers
Mobile tracking alone is not necessarily the complete solution field service companies are looking for however, which is why many companies are looking toward field service management solutions to complement or replace existing GPS tracking solutions. Field service management software, especially when built with a strong mobile component, offers a more complete tracking solution by integrating:
  • Location tracking
  • Customer relationship management
  • Invoicing and accounting integration
  • Task management and tracking
  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Asset management
  • Parts tracking
  • Document, photo and video storage
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