Service Tech Tracking

Service tech tracking software by FieldAware.

Tracking service techs is critical for service companies becauses your techs are the front line of your business. Tracking techs allows service companies to dramatically improve customer service and streamline scheduling and dispatch functions.It also helps identify and correct potential training issues while providing management with data on how the business is performing.

Customer Service

Tracking service techs can help with with a variety of areas for any field-based service business whether residential, commercial or both:

Service Tech

Service techs get powerful tools that provide job tasks to be performed, customer mapping, job changes, service history, asset management and more. They can also be reminded to schedule maintenance, get forms completed and have contracts signed.


Job dispatchers can make better, more accurate decisions when planning service calls on the schedule. This includes GPS tracking of techs, tech travel times, job start/completion times, recular and overtime hours and more.


Managers  can track customer service trends, measure and track individual tech performance, track tech hours, identify high and low value customers, integrate with accounting systems and more.

Tech Performance

Performance issues might include late arrival times, incomplete paperwork, long job times, unauthorized travel, failure to secure maintenance contracts, inefficient driving, incomplete tasks and more. These kinds of performance issues can all be tracked from a central location. Trainers and supervisors can then use the information to improve training programs and discipline poor performers according to company policy.