Service Technician Tracking

Service technician tracking apps for iOS and Android devices.

Service Technician TrackingService technician tracking allows service companies to improve service levels and streamline scheduling. In addition it helps surface potential personnel/training issues.

Service Level Improvements

A company with below average customer service will have trouble both keeping existing customers and finding new ones. These days, unhappy customers have a wide variety of outlets to voice their displeasure and the overall effect can hamper a company's ability to stay profitable, much less grow. For a service company, survival comes down to how happy customers are and your service technicians are the front line of the business.
If service technicians are arriving late (or not at all), showing up with no information about the service call, having to make return visits, producing shoddy/incomplete work, etc. it doesn't matter what else you do as a business, you're going to lose that customer and a lot of people will hear why.
Tracking your service technicians can help with these areas by providing:

Tools for the service dispatcher/scheduler

Job schedulers get more information, allowing them to make better, more accurate decisions both when planning work and delivering it. This includes GPS tracking of technicians, travel times, job start/completion times, hours and more.

Tools for the service technician

Service technicians get tools that provide consistent job tasks to be performed, customer mapping, job changes, service history, asset management and more.

Tools for management

Managers and executives can track service trends, assess individual technician performance, track technician hours, identify high and low value customers and more.