Service Tracking

Service tracking software by FieldAware.

Service tracking software allows field service companies in the residential and commercial space to improve customer service, optimize service operations and increase profitability. We'll outline what service tracking software is and how it helps service companies in those three areas.

1. How does service tracking improve customer service?

A field service company with poor customer service is likely not long for this world. In spite of the myriad complexities of running a service company, at the end of the day it comes down to how well a company serves it's customers, be they commercial or residential.
From a customer's perspective the three top areas that trip up companies and lead to bad customer experiences are:
  • Late arrivals or large/vague service windows
  • Uninformed technicians or unavailable parts leading to return visits
  • Incomplete or shoddy work
Service tracking software helps in all these three areas by providing both the technician and the service dispatcher/scheduler with more information, allowing them to make better, more accurate decisions both when planning work and delivering it.
By tracking service closely with powerful scheduling tools and having a better sense of where technicians are and where they need to go next, schedulers can provide customers with more smaller, more accurate service windows.
By providing technicians with consistent task lists, parts information, service documentation, asset lists, etc. service tracking software can ensure jobs are done completely and correctly. This reduces return trips and prevents customers from having to reschedule their valuable time.
Technicians with access to complete customer service history are better able to troubleshoot new problems and recognize what actions were taken previously, often by another technician. This shortens time spent analyzing and allows the techinican to get to work on a solution.
A happy customer is obviously more likely to recommend a company's services and reduce the risk of negative online reviews, which are becoming increasingly critical for service businesses looking to gain new customers.

2. How does service tracking optimize service operations?

As mentioned previously, being able to track the location and status of both technicians and jobs gives schedulers and dispatchers the power to better schedule incoming work as well as rearrange scheduled work more intelligently.
In addition, executives have deeper insight into overall service performance. They can take a broad view of overall company performance including active, completed, suspended and cancelled jobs over time as well as drill down into each technician's performance. Problems can't be fixed without this kind of visibility. When an issue is discovered, swift action can be taken, whether disciplinary or additional training.
As each technician performs more consistently, the overall business performs more consistently and performance becomes more predictable. Then executives can focus on growing the business.

3. How does service tracking increase profitability?

Service tracking can improve business profitabilityin multiple ways:

Fitting more jobs into one day

Let's say a typical service job takes four hours and requires an average of 1 extra return trip. What if you could reduce the average job time by 20% and the average number of return trips/parts runs/long lunches by 30%. How many more jobs could your field team fit in each day?

Improved upsells

If you could start selling more maintenance contracts and additional services to existing customers, how much more money could your business bring in?

Reduced billing errors

If your technicians priced services consistently and properly every job, would you see an uptick in revenue? What if they never lost a service ticket? What if their data went directly into your accounting software without having someone re-type it?
All these questions can be answered with service tracking software, which can help you generate more jobs, more revenue per customer and less errors. Not to mention all the referrals you will receive from happier customers.