Tablet Software for Service Business

Work smarter with FieldAware's tablet software for your service business.

Mobile field service business apps are in much demand today because of the high costs of operation of premise-based systems.

Cloud-based implementations, like FieldAware, enable field service organizations to fix the cost of their solution for the term of their contract. Security and data back-up is included in FieldAware, which enables field service organizations to improve their business performance.

FieldAware offers mobile apps for Andriod tablets, iPads and iPhones that take advantage of each device’s core processing and display capabilities. The tablet apps are designed to deliver timely updates on job, asset, inventory, and customer information - in a clear, uncluttered way.

FieldAware synchronizes cached data and updates from your office web application and between mobile devices - which allows technicians to work even in the absence of Internet connection.

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