Tech Tracking

Tech tracking apps for iOS and Android devices.

Tech tracking is required by service companies who are looking to improve service operations and keep field techs on track and performing at a high level.

Why Track Your Service Technicians? 

For large enterprises and small businesses alike, knowledge is power when it comes to keeping ahead of the competition. For instance, tracking the locations of both service technicians/engineers and the locations of all their jobs gives a "single pane of glass" view into a company's entire service operation.
Tracking service techs gives schedulers, dispatchers and management the knowledge to assign work, route better and correct any low productivity behavior. Here's a real life example from one of our customers.

The Scenario

All jobs have been scheduled for the day when a customer calls in with an emergency. The scheduler takes down the information and checks the schedule board. It appears Ray and Frank should both in the area making schedule service calls. 
When the scheduler pings Ray, his actual location is miles from where his currently schedule job is. When she pings Frank, he's exactly where he's supposed to be and just finishing up the job a little early and has three hours before his next service call.
The scheduler assigns the emergency job to Frank who is instantly notified. Meanwhile, she checks in with Ray and finds out he's running late leaving his house and hasn't made it to his first job yet. This information is passed along to his supervisor who schedules a meeting with Ray to discuss the situation and notifies the customer that he'll be there in 10 minutes.
Tech tracking, in this case solved two problems. #1 it rescued the customer with the emergency situation and #2 it identified a personnel issue that can now be corrected.