What is a Service Work Order?

Operate a smarter business using FieldAware's service work order software.

A service work order is a resourceful document that guides field service teams with their daily work schedule. WIth FieldAware, your work orders become digital and are managed from a computer, mobile device or tablet.

FieldAware's service work order system offers automated service work order generation that enables field service teams to be in sync with office timelines and schedule from their mobile phone or tablet.

FieldAware can:

  • Create work orders using a template
  • Assign, create and delete from a single screen
  • Alert the technician of new jobs via mobile apps
  • Allow technicians to capture the customer’s signature as proof of job completion

FieldAware mobile apps run on iOS or Android smartphones or tablets. Increase daily service work order completions by 20%, with FieldAware.

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