What is Dispatch Software?

Utilize FieldAware as your field service dispatch software.

FieldAware is a leading, robust scheduling and dispatch software that empowers field service teams to manage their day to day business. FieldAware dispatch software keeps technicians on track.

FieldAware enables managers to recognize when a technician finishes a task ahead of schedule.

This enables them to:

  • Assign a new job based on proximity to a job site or by matching job duration to an open time slot
  • Cross check route distance and travel time
  • Allow team members to accept or decline new/rescheduled jobs
  • Get an electronic sign-off from customers instantly

FieldAware provides the ability to create custom fields which you can use to “personalize” the system to satisfy the service process needs of your clients.

For more details about FieldAware dispatch software, get a demo today.