Work Order Management System

Track jobs and inventory with FieldAware's work order management system

Do you want to create work orders faster and with fewer errors? Do you want to improve engineer and technician productivity by 20%?

FieldAware can help.

The FieldAware solution ensures you assign the right technician to the right job - without having to wait for any orders. With the FieldAware work order management system, you can:


  • Prioritize a new job to a technician based on proximity or the job duration
  • Allocate work orders individually or in batches
  • Enable technicians to work offline, accept or decline jobs, get sign-offs from customers
  • Monitor work order closure and assess the productivity of field service teams

With the intuitive dashboards and reports, you can reduce repair costs by 17% and tax liability by 7%.

Getting started with FieldAware is easy and simple. To find out more use the demo form or call us at 800-935-0736.