Your tenants count on you to provide a whole range of different services and maintaining a high level of service quality is crucial to tenant satisfaction

Facility & Property Management

Today’s facility manager is under pressure to accomplish more with less. You must juggle an array of daily responsibilities while complying with strict regulatory standards, maintaining aging assets and infrastructure, and facing pressure from increasing expectations, all with fewer resources. Proper maintenance of commercial property allows you to more efficiently retain its value while simultaneously increasing revenue.

FieldAware is a sophisticated mobile solution coupled with an intuitive analytics platform that allows you to track all aspects of services performed by your in-house team or an outsourced contractor, helping to elevate the service to your tenants without increasing costs. FieldAware helps your day-to-day facility management operations by providing:

  • Support for unlimited assets under a single location and support for unlimited locations under a single customer record
  • Scheduling of recurring jobs for routine maintenance, cleaning, etc.
  • Workflows to ensure that all required documentation is captured correctly on the first visit
  • Features to capture photos, videos and electronic signatures that provide historical documentation for each job
  • Timekeeper feature that enables field users to capture their time associated with a job and/or capture their time in and out for the full day
  • Automatic conversion of a quote to a job upon approval


Industry Expertise:

Facility and Property Management companies are challenged with managing not only their properties, but also the service providers that are contracted to maintain the facilities. From security systems to landscaping, lighting, office décor and everything in between, a solid maintenance strategy keeps the quality and appearance of your facilities intact and communicates value.

FieldAware customers span all these subsegments and more:




Access Control


Security Systems

Office Decor

Pest Control

Signage and Lighting

Meadow Service Group
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Benefits Overview

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