Whether your field service organization provides services upstream, midstream or downstream, automated operations in field service can increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction.

Oil & Gas

In a world as dynamic as Oil & Gas, the requirement for awareness and responsiveness of all things within the operation is crucial. To streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve profitability, organizations must be able to handle complex, diverse and changing mobile resource management needs.

FieldAware helps Oil & Gas companies deliver fast and superior service for complex service-oriented jobs in rugged, outdoor environments such as well sites, refineries or spill sites by providing:

  • Fast implementation and rapid field adoption to be up and running in the least amount of time
  • Improves productivity in the field with fast and accurate scheduling and dispatch
  • Increases cash flow and reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) with automated invoicing and closed loop integration with accounting systems
  • Keeps customers happy with first-time resolutions, by giving your techs accurate information, the correct parts and equipment, and expert resources in the field
  • Dispatches planned, emergency and in-day tasks to the right, skilled field personnel
  • Delivers job status updates in real time to the back office
  • Increases the utilization of your employees and assets
  • Manages performance through flexible, easy-to-use and customizable reporting
  • Key Performance Indicators provide measurements to ensure continuous business improvement and maximum customer satisfaction


Industry Expertise:

Field service requirements for the oil & gas industry is very demanding. Whether you’re servicing your own assets, your customer’s assets and equipment, or rental equipment, FieldAware can help you deliver service to any location.

Our FieldAware field service management solution is ideally suited for several sub-segments of Oil & Gas equipment including:


Distribution Services


Oilfield Services

Inspection & Testing

Global Oil & Gas Co
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  • “FieldAware gives us increased visibility and improved management of workflows.”
  • "FieldAware is helping us manage growth of the division."

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Sun Oil Limited
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  • “We are very broad in terms of our reach in the petroleum industry."

  • "There’s nothing better than to have an application suited for your specific needs."

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Oil & Gas Benefits Overview

  • Explore a summary of benefits of automating field service for Oil & Gas service and support organizations

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